HappyCow Vegan / Vegetarian Restaurant Guide App Reviews

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Love this app

FOund an awesome vegan restaurant in San Luis Obispo thanks to HAppy cow!!

Outdated design, lack of features

The design is very outdated, the user interface is bad. It would be nice to see a home page with new restaurants, or featured places from around the world.


I love this app. I was able to find a vegan friendly restaurant very quickly while traveling out of town. Thank you! Well worth it.

Could be better

This app is nice but for the price please add more! Id love to be able to actually SEE the options on the app. Adding the vegan menu options would be perfect and make the app so much more useful. When Im on the app I find the restaurant, but then I have to leave the app and go to a separate browser to find the menu.

Saved me in Korea

This app saved me from starving in S. Korea where everything is meat or fish. It wasnt until I started using it that I discovered all these amazing vegan places or places that offer vegan. Theres even vegan hostels! Now I use it all of the time - even back home. This app is legit!

I used to love this app, when it worked

This app is so helpful for when I dont know the area Im in very well, but none of the features work anymore. I cant add any favorites or make "trips" without the app crashing. Ive tried reinstalling it, nothing seems to work. Its a shame


My favorite travel app!

A must-have app for vegans/vegetarians, which makes finding good food in new cities so much easier :)

Great App

Shows vegan &vegetarian options and allows you to add to the list.

I love this new version of the app

I use this app all over the world. I have used it on 5 continents to find vegan eats, where I would have otherwise struggled. Yelp and other services just dont cut it. This is a must have for vegan and vegetarian travelers. This new version has greater functionality and features. Its also quicker and easier to use.


Awesome app! A must-have for any vegan or vegetarian. I use it anytime I travel, or even in my own city to discover new veg friendly restaurants and shops.

Helpfull as f*ck

Im lazy and wont explore around until i can find something to eat... So its great to know you wont die from hunger looking for a nice veg restaurant.

Excited for updates!

I really really love the HappyCow website and the idea in general, but I think this app could need some improvement. It is (no doubt) great for finding quick nearby options while traveling, but when it comes to planning ahead and looking for the BEST places, the sorting system doesnt calculate in how many reviews were made. So as the "best place to go" Im often suggested a café with just a single review, and that just does not do it for me, sorry..


I love this app because I travel quite a bit and it takes the stress out of finding vegan options in a new city. Ive found great vegan restaurants from Vancouver, to Halifax, to Dublin, Vegas, LA and more! Totally worth the $$$

Every vegan needs this app

This is the only app I have ever purchased and the only app I ever intend of purchasing. I wish there was a free version, it needs to be more accessible. Regardless, it was worth every penny! Every vegan needs this app!

Very limited!

A total ripoff, this app does not worth 99 cents. Very few options, of expensive restaurants.

So handy!

As a really busy person and a new vegan, this app makes my life easier!!


This is the life saver app for all vegans and vegetarians out there

Thank you!!

Recently turned vegan... this app really makes it easy to find food!

Its the only way I travel

We love this app. Easily find great vegan food everywhere we go. We travel U.K. and Paris using this app as our guide and love it. Traveled east and west USA cities and found great vegan food with this awesome app.

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