HappyCow Find Vegan Food App Reviews

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Excellent, but we poor European people from the continent need the distances in kilometers and not in miles. Thanks.

Not working

The "view nearby" buttons arent responding. The app is not usable.


So easy to find a place to eat !

Nice, but

Must have some opitions in other countries!

The best for finding great food

If youre vegetarian like me, sometimes we have trouble finding a good food in different places. Happy Cow is a savior!! Im a pilot, always traveling, and this app really saves my day! Thank you happy cow!

Best app Ive found so far!!!!!

Very useful to vegan and vegetarians!! Its a complete app, which allows you to find any restaurant/store worldwide :) I truly recommend

Great App

This app is really useful and great for travelling

Very helpfull

I travel very much and its always difficult to find healthy places Its the best app, in my opinion. Help me a lot to find vegan and vegetarian places around the world

Great for vegetarians!

Must have app when traveling as a vegetarian!

the best travel app

I love this app and I use it almost every day - its my number one travel companion It got improved a lot over the last few months and now its as close to perfect as it can be - thanks a lot!

Absolutely needed

I am traveling often and it is in some countries a struggle to eat vegan. This app is a must if you are in this case, everything one can need to know is included and it is absolutely handy !!! Thanks so much !

Love it!

Even discovered restaurants and cafes around the corner. Thanks!

Very helpful

And great usability

App crashes and crashes and ...

Unusable at the moment

Best App for vegan/vegetarian food

Whether you are travelling or new in an area and you look for veg meals - this is your app. Its also worth checking back every once in a while, the community is fast in updating new places.

Amazing App (and service) - how could I ever live and survive without?! Thank you so much!

great, when traveling, in your home town ... Whenever wherever

Love this app

We love this app! It works very well and it provides us with what we need, nomatter where we travel and we do travel far quite often. Plus it looks cute ;) We recommend it to friends all over the world and hope to help it spread even further! Thanks, HAPPY COW - you are doing a fantastic job! We love you! ❤️

Always my go to app when traveling

Love it!


I discovered Happy Cow some years ago when looking randomly for some vegan restaurant on Google. This app is amazing and makes my trips much easier, since I dont need to look long for some place which will serve vegan meals for me. I just need to search on the app and go to the restaurant. With this app I found amazing vegan/vegan-friendly places in different cities.


Gives me the information I need when I travel!

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