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HappyCow Find Vegan Food app for iPhone and iPad

4.4 ( 8624 ratings )
Travel Lifestyle Food & Drink
Developer: HappyCow
3.99 USD
Current version: 3.9.7, last update: 6 months ago
First release : 12 May 2011
App size: 60.33 Mb

Featured on CNN, NY Times, and Wall Street Journal: The App Stores #1 vegetarian and vegan restaurant guide. Covering 180+ countries and online as a free-to-use website since 1999. Search HappyCow listings to find a local restaurant or cafe anywhere in the world, or search for reviews about a local vegan or vegetarian health food store.

* Search filters by location, vegan, vegetarian, health food stores + more
* Browse HappyCow to find a popular cafe or restaurant
* Store your favorites for future reference
* Organize restaurants and stores for your upcoming trips
* View an interactive map with restaurants
* Get directions, phone numbers, reviews, and website information
* Share what you find with your friends
* Upload photos of your delicious food
* Submit reviews and advice for your fellow HappyCow users
* Be Happy with HappyCow

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Pros and cons of HappyCow Find Vegan Food app for iPhone and iPad

HappyCow Find Vegan Food app good for

Excellent, but we poor European people from the continent need the distances in kilometers and not in miles. Thanks.
If youre vegetarian like me, sometimes we have trouble finding a good food in different places. Happy Cow is a savior!! Im a pilot, always traveling, and this app really saves my day! Thank you happy cow!
Very useful to vegan and vegetarians!! Its a complete app, which allows you to find any restaurant/store worldwide :) I truly recommend
I travel very much and its always difficult to find healthy places Its the best app, in my opinion. Help me a lot to find vegan and vegetarian places around the world
I love this app and I use it almost every day - its my number one travel companion It got improved a lot over the last few months and now its as close to perfect as it can be - thanks a lot!
I am traveling often and it is in some countries a struggle to eat vegan. This app is a must if you are in this case, everything one can need to know is included and it is absolutely handy !!! Thanks so much !

Some bad moments

The "view nearby" buttons arent responding. The app is not usable.
Good for nearby locations but impossible to search about another country ?!? Use the website instead and dont lose time and money with this app.
Ive used the Happy Cow website for years and loved it. This app has a lot listed, but when in a new city it really needs to have a good map feature to be useful. For example I was recently in London, which has hundreds of listings, but not knowing the area it was really hard to look at a list of addresses and guess what might be near my hotel. Searching for each address in a separate "maps" app is time consuming and impractical. Also to assist with planning a trip (before arriving) nice to be able to put in a desired address halfway around the world and not just have the app assume you are looking for food near where you are *right now.* I will watch for user-friendly updates with great interest. Thank you Happy Cow for your great website and database, and for your efforts to improve this app for us vegetarians on the go.
Great concept but when you go to a restaurants website and return to app your current search is no longer available, so you must start again. Very annoying... Allow in app website launch or direct link to restaurants menu then this app is perfect.
I have used the website for a few years around the world & before this trip to central/South America I bought the app thinking it would really make life easier... Seems like I waste half a (terribly frustrating) day trying to find any of the places listed. They have either closed down (anywhere from 6 months to a year ago - literally NONE of 7 places listed in one city were open anymore) or they are so completely wrong on the map that more than once I took so long to find them they closed for the day by the time I did find it!!! To top it off I end up stumbling upon vegan/veggie places on my own - & yes, I know I should be adding them to the app - but does anyone work for this app? Check hours, locations, see if its still open???? I just figure why bother wasting so much time & energy using the app/website when I end up in places not even listed & half my day gone? Some places are obviously much easier than others to find vegan options - & central/South America has been a total b&@¡¿ this trip so the fact that everything is outdated or wrong for happy cow is just really souring things moreso for me. & it is not just this trip - south-east Asia last year - I was consistently & constantly embarrassed when convincing groups of friends (usually not veggies) to join me in indulging in veg places just to cart them around on wild-goose chases around cities with the same problems: closed down or not even close to mapped location. I feel like just plain ol Google & checking the recent dates of reviews or restaurant websites themselves are more helpful. Sorry happy cow - but get your cow-patty together & make this app what it should be!!!
If you open the app and no longer have a data connection you get nothing. How about a cached version of what you last viewed? Searching for places outside of your current location is ineffective and painful. Adding restaurants doesnt seem to be possible inside the app. Most things work better on the full site.

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